Melissa Flory Mathis Group Photo



Melissa Flory Mathis, founder and chief consultant, is a balanced blend of a right-brained lover of creativity and expression and a left-brained type-A professional. Since early childhood she has had a creative spirit, love of color, fascination with juxtaposition, an endless envy of innate artistic talent, and a deep appreciation of history and items of quality. Her commitment to the highest level of education and her research skills were developed throughout her formative years spent at Fort Worth Country Day School and perpetuated throughout her academic career. Her business acumen has been honed through lifelong exposure to business and growth in the vibrant Texas economy as well as years spent submerged in the intense professional environment of New York City.

The highlights of Melissa’s training include a master’s degree from the Sotheby’s Institute of Art with honors, a most coveted internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a three-year tenure of employ at Sotheby’s Auction House, New York. In addition, she has devoted hours of study to interior design, historical restoration and preservation, architecture, and artistic methodologies. She has spent countless hours immersing herself in many centers for history and art in order to enrich her understanding and expand the breadth of her knowledge. Melissa has also been immensely changed and inspired by travelling across the globe and visiting some of the world’s most renowned galleries, museums, and auction houses.

Since truly discovering her calling to the world of art business while living in Rome in 2002, Melissa has tirelessly pursued her passion while always holding herself to the highest standards. After nearly a decade of education, training, and taking all the steps possible to equip herself to one day open her own fine art consulting firm, Melissa has finally returned to her beloved home state (with her new husband and two puppies in tow) to live her dream.