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I am interrupting the regular programming of the W Series to say everyone… And because of you… The website launch was a HUGE success and I greatly appreciate all of your support & encouragement.  I am really looking forward to what the future holds {and connecting with you on this blog}!!

When? Part I – The First 18 Years

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The question of When? is a tough one to build a blog post around!  There are so many when’s in my life but I have tried to tie the question to my love of the arts and the VERY abbreviated evolution of my career…This is something I am SUPER excited and passionate about so I ...

Where? Part II – Where do I spend my Free Time?

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I spend the majority of my free time on the move! My husband and I (Hubs) are BIG travellers and are always on the road headed somewhere.  Travel is one of our greatest shared passions and whether we are headed to Africa, the Maldives, New York, Mexico, Colorado, Napa Valley, or even Austin we love ...

Where? Part I – Where do I work?

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Q: Where do I work? A: Dallas, Texas Now that I have stated the obvious, I will give you a few more details. I spend the majority of my working hours in my office – a window filled, bright, cozy and cheery place to hang out!  You can see some photos of it under the ...


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The second W Question is What?  Enjoy! What is my purpose? What is the purpose of this blog? Ha! What is my purpose?  Well, if that isn’t a billion dollar question…I think my dogs (she feeds us!), husband (she spends my money!), and parents (she spent my money!) would have wildly different answers!  So, I ...


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Well Hello World! I am so excited about this new venture and cannot wait to connect with you on this blog! This business has been a dream of mine since I learned the role of the art advisor when I was in graduate school back in 2006. Through a lot of academic training, a series ...