A Farewell to NYC – 6/17/2013

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A Farewell to NYC – 6/17/2013

Happy Monday!

Tomorrow I say goodbye to New York City for REAL.  I am hanging on the couch in the apartment where I fell in love, listening to the crazy noises from the street 6 floors below after one last watering of the rooftop garden I build with my very own hands.

I looked for a job (and found some), looked for a boyfriend (found Mark), and moved 5 times!

This farewell is a little bittersweet…the past 7 years have held some of the biggest changes in my life and this city has been a constant throughout it all.  It has made me tougher, stronger, fiercely independent, much more versatile and accepting, and and official cusser.  I am working on the cussing but it is sort of ingrained…

I felt this way a few times

This is the city where I learned to eat alone in a restaurant, fight with someone who is trying to take advantage of me, take a vacation by myself, navigate any public transportation system in the world,  and go an entire weekend without human interaction.

I have made amazing friends, met the love of my life, learned acceptance and the true meaning of diversity, seen amazing talent, and spent endless hours with the paintings that sparked my passion for American Art.

I have learned the point of view of those that I disagree with politically, and heard honest opinions of what people think of Texans – some of which I found to be hysterical.  I have dealt with MANY people I do not like or have ANYTHING in common with (if you know me, you know I can find something in common with a wall…or a rock.  So these people were anomalies) and managed to work with them on finding a solution anyway.

I became VERY familiar with the car horn…mine, the cab driver’s, the truck driver’s, EVERYONE’s horn. I also learned how to drive like nobody’s business.

I have paid MORE taxes in 7 years than I think I will in 20 in Texas.  I have done some of the best shopping of my life, eaten some of the best meals, and taken some of the most amazing walks.

This city is SO SO SO special for me, leaving for real will be hard.  But, I walk away an adult.  I can’t think of another way to describe it  - I feel like the city turned me into a full-fledged grown-up in every way.  I arrived a naive and wide-eyed 22 year old debutante from Texas and I leave here a nearly 30 year old woman, married, a business owner, and 1/2 New Yorker.

It’s not that I do not think this can happen elsewhere – it certainly can – but for me, this was my place to grow up.  I am so grateful for all of the lessons NYC taught me (as hard as they might have been to swallow at the time) and feel much more capable of taking on the rest of my life because of my time here.

Though it is hard to say farewell, I am hopeful and excited about the future – I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for us.


  1. Nancy wilson
    June 17, 2013

    What a great tribute to a truly unique city. I am so blessed to have met you on a Sunday in Dallas and look forward to helping you find your special place for you and Mark here in Lakewood. BTW, love your blog .

  2. Christy Johnston
    June 17, 2013

    every word is straight from my mouth. yes, i know your sweet heart and this feeling and how special our beloved city is. we will always carry it with us. the city will always be a part of us. truly. you’ve expressed this so perfectly. i love you sister. xx


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